2020 Topps Heritage Preview

Celebrating its 20th year of capturing the designs of the past with the players of today, Topps Heritage is back and better than ever. This year, Topps pays homage to the 1971 design which was famous for having black borders and is a favorite of many vintage collectors.

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  • 2020 Topps Heritage Fernando Tatis Jr Rookie Card
    2020 Topps Heritage Fernando Tatis Jr Rookie Card

Cases of 2020 Topps Heritage contain 12 boxes of 24 packs each. Each pack contains 9 cards so one would expect a total of 2,592 cards per case.

Box loaders are considered extra bonuses that are randomly inserted in hobby boxes. This year, these box loaders showcase 1971 Greatest Moments, 1971 Topps Originals, and 1971 Topps Super cards. The 1971 Greatest Moments cards capture the year’s best moments such as Roberto Clemente winning the World Series MVP. The 1971 Topps Originals have a special foil stamp that some collectors love to collect. The 1971 Topps Super cards have some that are autographed and are highly limited to 25 or less.

The base set of 2020 Topps Heritage contains 500 cards. These cards are numbered 1-500

2020 Topps Heritage Cody Bellinger Base Card

2020 Topps Heritage Cody Bellinger Base Card

with the last 100 cards short printed. Cards 401-500 can be found one every three packs on average.

The typical insert sets are showcased once again as collectors of Topps Heritage are familiar with these already: Baseball Flashbacks, Then and Now, News Flashbacks, and New Age Performers. However, a fifth insert set has been added for this year — Willie Mays 20 Gigantic Seasons. Also announced as a retail only insert are 1971 Topps Baseball Tattoos and are limited to just 200 copies each.

There are several different parallel sets offered in 2020 Topps Heritage. They are: White Border, Flip Stock, and Mini. The white bordered cards are hobby only and are limited to just 50 copies each. The flip stock parallel cards are also hobby only and have a vintage feel on the front of the card and a smooth feel on the back. These rare cards are limited to only five copies each. The mini cards are a skip-numbered set of 100 cards and are limited to 100 copies each.

Chrome cards have been a staple in Topps Heritage baseball every year since it all started

2020 Topps Heritage Christian Yelich Superfractor

2020 Topps Heritage Christian Yelich Superfractor

in 2001 and this year is no different. The chrome set consist of 100 cards and can be found in the following formats: Base, Refractors numbered to 571, White Refractors numbered to 71, Gold Refractors numbered to 5, and Superfractors numbered 1/1. Also included are hot box exclusive refractors which are generally found in every pack inside one box out of a case.

Variation cards are also a huge hit with collectors which is why Topps is bringing them back for another year. This year collectors can find the following variations: Action Image (hobby only), Silver Team Name (hobby only), and Throwback Uniform. The Throwback Uniform cards are extremely rare and always sought after for set completists.

Topps Heritage wouldn’t be Topps Heritage without on the card autographs so this year Topps is keeping the trend of including Real One Autographs in its product. These autographs are signed in blue ink. There are also Real One Special Edition autographs. These autographs are signed in red ink and are limited to just 71 copies or less. Want two autographs on the same card? How about three? Dual Real One Autographs are limited to 25 copies or less and Triple Real One Autographs are

2020 Topps Heritage Yordan Alvarez Real One Autograph Card

2020 Topps Heritage Yordan Alvarez Real One Autograph Card

limited to 5 copies or less. Both Dual Real One Autographs and Triple Real One Autographs are hobby only. A special autograph set contains players that played for the final season of the Washington Senators before they moved to Texas to become the Texas Rangers. These cards are limited to no more than 100 copies each so they are highly sought after.

Another collectible set year after year in Topps Heritage are Clubhouse Collection Relics. This year there are base relics, gold relics numbered to 99, and patches numbered 1/1. Dual Clubhouse Collection Relics will feature two players on the same card and will be numbered to 71 copies each. Triple Clubhouse Collection Relics and Quadruple Clubhouse Collection Relics also make an appearance at 25 and 10 copies respectively. It is also noted that all dual, triple, and quad relic cards will have a special 1/1 patch card that is hobby only.

Do you want relics and autographs on the same card? Topps says of course you do. That is why they offer Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relic cards. These highly limited and

202 0 Topps Heritage Hank Aaron Austin Riley Dual Auto Relic

202 0 Topps Heritage Hank Aaron Austin Riley Dual Auto Relic

collectible cards have a print run of just 25 or less copies each. Dual Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics can also be found with a print run of ten copies or less. All autographed relic cards have a special patch parallel numbered 1/1. Flashback Autograph Relic cards makes their return to the lineup as you can find these numbered to just 25 or less copies each.

Coin and stamp cards usually command a premium among collectors as they build their sets or try to collect their favorite player. This year collectors can find coins from 1971 on cards on the following formats: Nickel numbered to 15 copies, Dime numbered to 10 copies, Quarter numbered to 5 copies, and Half Dollar numbered 1/1. Stamp cards feature stamps from 1971 and these cards will be limited to just 50 copies each.

If you are extremely lucky, you may find a Cut Signature card. These ultra rare cards feature a cut out real signature from a celebrity or a baseball player. These tough to find cards will go for big dollars if a collector chooses to sell.

The release date for 2020 Topps Heritage is February 26, 2020. During recent years, Topps has always included some interesting unannounced variations in this product. It is a lot of fun to try to figure out what these variations are. This year will be no exception as Topps has already announced that their will be “other surprises” according to their sell sheet.

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