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Rock N Heritage

Put together a very short video of some of the more notable cards I have pulled from 2009 Topps Heritage packs over the last few days.

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First Big Hit of 2009

The first case I opened of 2009 Topps Heritage gave me an amazing four black refractors, which according to the odds on the pack are one in 250 packs. Each black refractor is numbered out of 60, and this one … Continue reading

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The Four 2009 Topps Heritage Variation Cards

So far, four super short print variation cards have been found in the 2009 Topps Heritage set. I have only seen a couple of each so far, so they are pretty hard to pull. The four variation cards found so … Continue reading

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Heritage Comes Ripping

Finally, I have received Heritage. Here is the first card in the first pack I opened. Nothing too fancy, but this is how my 2009 Heritage started. And here is my first semi-big pull, two boxes in. Can’t wait to … Continue reading

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2009 Topps Heritage Variation #2

Here’s another one. This one is a bit odd. It is the Hanley Ramirez All-Star card. The regular version has him in a Marlins uniform of course. The variation shows him in a Red Sox uniform, a team he has … Continue reading

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The First 2009 Topps Heritage Variation is Found

Much like the 2008 Heritage John/Jon Smoltz variation card, another misspelled card with a tie to 1960 Topps has popped up in the 2009 set. In the 1960 Topps set that 2009 Heritage is based on, the #70 card featured … Continue reading

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2009 Dual Autos Spotted

A couple of dual autos have been spotted. These are pretty nice looking, but with only two spotted so far, they are few and far between. Here are the two that have surfaced: Masterson/ChittumWebster/Masterson

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