2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Knocking On The Door

For the second year, Topps will be releasing a second series of their popular Topps Heritage cards. Check out the checklist here:

2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

The 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers set looks like it will have almost the exact same setup as the 2008 set. Just like last year there will be 220 base cards including short prints, a 15 card Rookie Performers set, a ten card Then and Now set, a 10 card Flashbacks set and a 100 card chrome/refractor/black refractor set. Of course there will be plenty of Real One autographs, Clubhouse Collection relic cards, auto relic cards, dual auto relic cards, dual auto relic autograph cards, etc. The Real One auto checklist looks kind of weak, but I think it looked weak last year before the set was actually released and Topps through a few unannounced Hall of Famer autos in the set. Hopefully they do that again. It will definitely bring some late year excitement to Topps Heritage enthusiasts.

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