2014 Topps Heritage

Topps Heritage makes its return for the 14th consecutive year with a set modeled after the iconic 1965 Topps set.  The 1965 set featured beautifully designed cards and the set has remained a collector favorite almost fifty years later.  The 2014 Topps Heritage base set follows the recent pattern of 425 true base cards plus 75 short print cards which are numbers 426-500.  There will be several types of variations of the base cards including error cards which pay tribute to the error cards from the 1965 set, Throwback Uniforms, Logo variations and the familiar Action Image variations.  There will also be 100 mini parallel variations and black back variations.

The four well know insert sets consisting for New Age Performers, Then and Now, Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks all make their return.  Noticeably absent is the Memorable Moments set which had a brief one year appearance in 2013.  New for 2014 are 1965 Topps Embossed inserts and 1st Draft cards.

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The autograph inserts remain fairly consistent with the well known Real One autographs (both regular blue ink and the special edition red ink variety), dual autographs, triple autographs and Cut Signatures.  The Clubhouse Collection relic cards return and have many varieties including the standard relics (plus gold parallels), dual relics, triple relics quad relics, auto relics, dual auto relics, Flashback auto relics and book card relics.

Chrome cards will once again consist of regular chromes, refractors, black border refractors and gold border refractors.  Collectors who purchase hobby boxes will receive one box topper insert per box.  These include 1965 Originals buybacks, three player ad panels, and the oversized jumbo cards which have regular cards, relics and autographed versions.