2011 Topps Heritage

The 2011 Topps Heritage set was released in late February and marked is designed after the wood border colored 1962 Topps cards.  The base set is 500 cards including short prints, which are card numbers 426-500.  The insert sets are identical to the previous year, with the tough 15 card New Age Performers set and ten card sets of Then and Now, Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks.

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The 2011 Topps Heritage chrome set features 100 cards and as you might expect the regular chromes are numbers out of 1962, refractors are numbered out of 562 and black border refractors are numbered out of 62.  Of course there are plenty of relics and auto's as well including the familiar Real One autographs (both blue and red ink), Clubhouse Collection relics, Cut Signatures and more.

Late in 2011, a new Heritage set was introduced.  Instead of releasing a High Numbers set, Topps released a Heritage Minor Leagues set.  The set was nice and a straight 250 card set with numbers 201-250 being short prints.  However, it received only modest reception from collectors so we'll have to wait and see if it returns in 2012.