2009 Topps Heritage

2009 Topps Heritage hits the shelves at the end of February, and it's already stirring up some rave reviews.  For the first time, Topps is promoting it Heritage line on youtube with a video.  To view the 2009 Topps Heritage preview video, check it out on our video page:

2009 Topps Heritage Preview Video

As you can see from the video, the cards look really nice.  They are modeled after the 1960 Topps set which was the last major set from Topps to be printed horizontally.  Similar to the 2008 Heritage set, the 2009 set will feature 425 base cards plus 75 short prints, plus all of the inserts and parallel sets.  The main insert sets are also the same--the 15 card New Age Performers set, the 10 card Then and Now set, the 10 card Baseball Flashbacks set and the 10 card News Flashbacks set.

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The familiar three chrome sets will be a part of 2009 Topps Heritage as well.  The regular chrome cards will be numbered to 1960, the refractors will be numbered to 560 and the black border refractors will be numbered to 60.  There will be plenty of Real One autograph cards, 1/1 cut signature cards, Clubhouse Collection game used cards, Flashbacks seat relic cards and dual relic and auto cards.  Players that will be featured as 2009 Topps Heritage Real One auto's include Bobby Thomson, Fausto Carmona, Jay Bruce and more.

At this point, Topps plans on following up the regular 2009 Heritage release with a High Numbers release, just like with the 2008 set.   No word on how the chrome set will be divided yet.  In 2008, it was split between three products and consisted of 300 cards.  The first 100 were found in regular Topps Heritage packs, the second 100 were found in Topps Chrome packs and the last 100 were found in Topps Heritage High Numbers packs.