2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers

Topps has added another new twist to the Heritage line. In mid November, the 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers set will be released. High number (or 2nd series) cards were common in the Topps sets of the 1950's, but 2008 is the first year that Topps has included such a set with their Topps Heritage cards.

The 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers set will consist of 220 additional base cards and short prints, numbered from 501-720. Most of the traits of the main 2008 Topps Heritage cards will be included with the high numbers, including 35 new short print SP cards, additional rookie cards, relic cards, autograph cards, Flashbacks insert cards, Then & Now insert cards and one of one cut signature cards. New chrome cards, refractors and black border refractors will also be produced, and there will be a new set of 330 Updates and Highlights cards which will be included at a rate of two cards per pack. Another new insert set is the Rookie Performers set, based on the familiar New Age Performers inserts, which will feature great moments from the 2008 baseball season. This should be an exciting late season addition for Topps Heritage enthusiasts!

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