2007 Topps Heritage

Although the 2007 Topps Heritage set let down some collectors due to an extreme shortage of stars in rookies in the chrome insert set, the 2007 version of Topps Heritage still managed to increase it's ever growing popularity. The 2007 set is patterned around the 1958 Topps set.

The 2007 Topps Heritage set can be a bit confusing, as the short printed cards are grouped throughout the set in pairs. For example, card numbers 4, 5, 13, 14, 22 and 23 are short prints and so on up through the full set of 495 cards. Adding to the confusion was the yellow letter variation cards. There are 17 cards that have both a regular version and a "yellow letter" name version, and 16 more cards that have both a regular version and a "yellow letter" team name version. The most confusing card of all is the #58 Nick Swisher card which has both an SP and a "yellow letter" team variation card, but the SP also has the team name in yellow letters! We have a specific page devoted to the 2007 Topps Heritage #58 Nick Swisher card to help collectors identify the differences between the two variations.

The 2007 Topps Heritage set contained all of the familiar insert sets including the 110 card chrome set with regular chrome cards serial numbered to 1958, refractor cards serial numbered to 558, and black border refractor cards serial numbered to 58. The usual regular inserts sets are there as well...the 15 card New Age Performers set, the 10 card Then And Now set and the 10 card Flashbacks set.

No set would be complete without game used and autographed cards, and 2007 Topps Heritage features a nice variety of Clubhouse Collection game used relic cards and Real One autograph cards. Both the Clubhouse Collection cards and the Real One auto cards include current stars and players from 1958.

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