2002 Topps Heritage

The 2002 Topps Heritage set is based on another classic set, the 1953 Topps set. The 1953 Topps set is not quite as rare or popular as the 1952 set, but most collectors believe the 1953 set to contain the more beautiful cards. The 2002 Topps Heritage set brought out this beauty in fine fashion with stellar looking cards and more great inserts and autographed cards.

The 2002 Topps Heritage set is numbered from 1-446, with 10 additional "Night Background" variation cards. Topps again released a chrome set with 100 cards, each serially numbered to 553. That makes them the equivalent of the later refractor cards when it comes to rarity. The 2002 Topps Heritage autograph list again featured some great names including Alex Rodriguez, Bob Feller, Willie Mays and more. The Clubhouse Collection game used cards and the Grandstand Glory cards were a big hit with collectors, and the 2002 Topps Heritage set included the New Age Performers, Then and Now, and the Classic Renditions insert subsets as well.

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