The New Age Performers insert set is always a tough set to put together, even back when it was a fifteen card set.  In 2013, Topps doubled it to a 30 card set making it even more difficult to complete.  Will they keep it a 30 card set for a second year in a row...stay tuned.

Update:  The checklist has been released and the 2014 New Age Performers set is neither a 30 card set nor a 15 card's a 20 card set this year!

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2014 Topps Heritage New Age Performers Checklist

NAP-BH Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)
NAP-CD Chris Davis (Baltimore Orioles)
NAP-CG Carlos Gomez (Milwaukee Brewers)
NAP-CGO Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado Rockies)
NAP-CK Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)
NAP-GS Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)
NAP-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu (Los Angeles Dodgers)
NAP-JF Jose Fernandez (Miami Marlins)
NAP-MC Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
NAP-MH Matt Harvey (New York Mets)
NAP-MS Max Scherzer (Detroit Tigers)
NAP-MT Mike Trout (Angels)
NAP-MW Michael Wacha (St. Louis Cardinals)
NAP-PA Pedro Alvarez (Pittsburgh Pirates)
NAP-PG Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)
NAP-SS Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals)
NAP-WM Wil Myers (Tampa Bay Rays)
NAP-XB Xander Bogaerts (Boston Red Sox)
NAP-YD Yu Darvish (Texas Rangers)
NAP-YP Yasiel Puig (Los Angeles Dodgers)