2011 Topps Heritage Variations

There are quite a few variations that have been discovered in the 2011 Topps Heritage set.  Here is a brief description of them, with scans to come shortly:

Blue Tint:  Found in Walmart retail packs.  Look like base cards, but with bluish background.

Red Tint:  Found in Target retail packs.  Look like base cards, but with reddish background.

Green Tint:  Found in retail packs (hobby too?).  Look like base cards but with greenish background.  These are much harder to pull than the blue or red tint cards.

Black Border (non refractors):  Black bordered cards, but not refractors.  No serial number.

Green Border Refractors:  These are refractors, but are not serial numbered.  Appear to be found in one pack of each hobby case, with the entire pack consisting of the green border refractors.

Jackie Robinson Variation Set:  This set is a parallel set to the Babe Ruth set in the base set.  All ten Ruth cards from number 135-144 have a Jackie Robinson variation card.

Card #125:  Vladimir Guerrero with position on back of card listed as Pitcher.

Card #139:  In addition to the #139 Ruth base card and the #139 Jackie Robinson variation card, there are also #139 Joba Chamberlain variation card.  The 1962 Topps #139 Hal Reniff had four different variations.

Card #279:  Bengie Molina with the wrong birth date listed on the back of card.  The 1962 Topps #279 card was of Hobie Landrith and had an uncorrected error which listed the word "hobby" instead of "hitting" on the back of the card.

Card #392:  Ryan Zimmerman with incorrect batting average (.370 where his actual average was .307) listed on back of card.  The 1962 Topps #392 Ken Boyer card had an uncorrected error that listed his batting average as .392 instead of his correct average of .329.

Card #478:  David Wright with team listed as Cin Reds on front of card.  1962 Topps #478 Don Zimmer showed him in a Mets uniform but listed as a Cin Reds player on the front of the card.

Card #490:  Alex Rodriguez reverse negative.  The 1962 Topps #490 Clete Boyer card was an uncorrected reverse negative.