2009 Topps Heritage Variations

Seven super short print variation cards have been discovered so far in the 2009 Topps Heritage set. They are #58 Conor Jackson, #70 Tom Glavine, #102 Adrian Gonzalez, #346 Fred Lewis, #407 Randy Winn, #445 John Smoltz and #488 Hanley Ramirez.  Topps confirmed that there are seven super short print variation cards, so there should not be any more surprises.

2009 Topps Heritage #70 Tom Glavine -- This variation card is a tribute to the #70 card in the 1960 set which featured Lew Burdette, but had his first name misspelled as Lou. The error was never corrected in the 1960 set. The 2009 #70 card features Tom Glavine. The common card has his name spelled correctly, but the super short print variation has his first name spelled Thom.

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2009 Topps Heritage #488 Hanley Ramirez -- This card is a bit of a tribute to the #488 Norm Cash card from the 1960 set which pictured him in an Indians uniform although the card stated that he was with the Tigers. This one is a bit of a stretch however, as Ramirez has not appeared in a Red Sox uniform since 2005. The regular version is a short print and shows Ramirez in his Marlins uniform. The super short print variation shows Ramirez in his old Red Sox uniform.

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2009 Topps Heritage #445 John Smoltz -- The common version of this card is still a short print and pictures Smoltz in a Braves uniform, but much more common than the super short print variation which shows John Smoltz in his new Red Sox uniform.  Like the Hanley variation card, the Smoltz variation features the same light colored back while the regular Smoltz short print has the darker back like the rest of the short prints.

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