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2020 Topps Heritage Checklists

2020 Topps Heritage Checklist

2019 Topps Heritage Checklists

The 2019 Topps Heritage High Numbers checklist is available.

2019 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist
2019 Topps Heritage Checklist
2019 Topps Heritage Singles Available Now

2018 Topps Heritage Checklists

The 2018 Topps Heritage checklist is out.

2018 Topps Heritage Checklist
2018 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

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2017 Topps Heritage Checklists

The 2017 Topps Heritage checklist is out.

2017 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

2017 Topps Heritage Checklist

2017 Topps Heritage Short Print Checklist

2017 Topps Heritage Individual Subset and Parallel Checklists

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2016 Topps Heritage Checklists

The 2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers checklist is out!!!.

2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

2016 Topps Heritage Checklist

2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

The 2015 Heritage High Numbers set is drawing rave reviews from the big case busters. Check out the checklist if you are ready to continue your 2015 Heritage year.

2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

2015 Topps Heritage Checklist

Topps has unleashed the checklist with only a week to spare! If the release date stays on schedule, we will see these cards next Wednesday March 4th!

2015 Topps Heritage Singles

2015 Topps Heritage Checklist

2015 Topps Heritage Team Sets

Just looking for the short prints?

2015 Topps Heritage Short Prints Checklist

2014 Topps Heritage Checklist and Team Sets

The checklist has finally been released! Check out what is in store for us come Friday March 7th:

2014 Topps Heritage Checklist

2014 Topps Heritage Team Sets

2013 Topps Heritage Checklist

The 2013 Topps Heritage checklist has been released...kind of...well partial unofficial speculation checklist: (9/20 Update: Partial checklist announced by Topps)

2013 Topps Heritage Checklist

2013 Topps Heritage Sets and Singles

2013 Topps Heritage Team Sets and Master Sets available for pre-order now:

2013 Topps Heritage Singles
2013 Topps Heritage Master Set

2012 Topps Heritage Checklist

The 2012 Topps Heritage checklist has been released. Pretty similar makeup to the 2011 set so far, but I'm sure there will be surprises we find later. Here is the checklist as it currently stands :

2012 Topps Heritage Checklist
2012 Topps Heritage Short Print Checklist
2012 Topps Heritage Variations

2011 Topps Heritage Variation Information

Several 2011 Topps Heritage Variation cards and subsets have already been discovered. Here is what we know so far:

2011 Topps Heritage Variations

2011 Topps Heritage is Live

No hobby yet, but retail is out in certain limited areas. A few interesting notes so far, and there are sure to be more:

  • There are blue, green and red tint variations of several cards, with blue being the most common of the three.
  • There are black border variations that don't seem to be refractors, and right now look to be Walmart retail exclusive.
  • Card #139 has a regular version (Ruth) and a variation (Joba Chamberlain).

2011 Topps Heritage Checklist

The base set checklist has been updated. Quite a few changes from the preliminary checklist. Check it out :

2011 Topps Heritage Checklist

2010 Topps Heritage Is Live

It's here and there are already at least ten known rare base card variations and an eleventh semi-rare variation of the #463 card. Find more information on the variation cards:

2010 Topps Heritage Variation Information

View the checklist:

2010 Topps Heritage Checklist

Our Topps Heritage Auto Page Is Up

Check out our current selection of Topps Heritage Auto's:

Topps Heritage Auto's

2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Are Here!!!

The 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers set is out. Take a look at the checklist:

2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers Checklist

2009 Topps Heritage Is Here!!!

***Seven Super Short Print variations have been discovered so far, and they are very rare. Find out what these super short print variations are and just how much they are going for!***

2009 Topps Heritage Super Short Print Variations

2009 Topps Heritage Team Sets are Now Available

Read 2009 Topps Heritage updates and see some scans:
Topps Heritage Blog

***The 2009 Topps Heritage Checklist is now available***

What Is Topps Heritage?

Topps Heritage is one of the most popular modern baseball card sets on the market. Topps Heritage cards feature current players on cards that mimic vintage Topps baseball card designs. The first Topps Heritage set was released in 2001, and the cards were modeled after the legendary 1952 Topps set, which was Topps first widespread release of baseball cards. In 2002, the cards were modeled after the 1953 cards, and each year the vintage year goes up by one. This year's 2008 Topps Heritage set features the 1959 Topps design. The Topps Heritage run to date is as follows:

  • 2001 set based on the 1952 Topps design.
  • 2002 set based on the 1953 Topps design.
  • 2003 set based on the 1954 Topps design.
  • 2004 set based on the 1955 Topps design.
  • 2005 set based on the 1956 Topps design.
  • 2006 set based on the 1957 Topps design.
  • 2007 set based on the 1958 Topps design.
  • 2008 set based on the 1959 Topps design.
  • 2009 set based on the 1960 Topps design.
  • 2010 set based on the 1961 Topps design.
  • 2011 set based on the 1962 Topps design.
  • 2012 set based on the 1963 Topps design.
  • 2013 set based on the 1964 Topps design.
  • 2014 set based on the 1965 Topps design.
  • 2015 set based on the 1966 Topps design.
  • 2016 set based on the 1967 Topps design.
  • 2017 set based on the 1968 Topps design.
  • 2018 set based on the 1969 Topps design.
  • 2019 set based on the 1970 Topps design.

2008 Topps Heritage Johan Santana Mets cardCollectors love the Topps Heritage sets because of their nice designs and wide variety of insert cards, autographs, short printed cards and subsets. Many collectors of Topps Heritage state that they had not purchased a pack of baseball cards in years, until they discovered Topps Heritage. Topps puts great amounts of time and effort into making the Topps Heritage sets a real tribute to the vintage sets. Card numbers that were missing the in the original vintage set are usually missing in the Heritage set. Many times a specific card number from the vitage set and the modern set will each feature a player from the same team and position, and their pose on the card is often the same. Many of the original sets had specific cards in them that had multiple variations of the same card, and Topps has included variation cards in many of the Topps Heritage sets. Perhaps the ultimage tribute to the classic cards is the placing of a single stick of bubble gum in each pack of Topps Heritage cards. The gum still tastes exactly the same as the gum you got out of baseball card packs when you were a kid, and the flavor still only lasts about two minutes...but it's still great! The gum does not damage the cards anymore either, as Topps now individually wraps each stick of gum so it will not stick to the cards.

The Future of Topps Heritage

Topps Heritage continues to grow in popularity each year, and 2009 will see the first of the 1960's style cards. A new feature was added to the Topps Heritage line in late 2008 when Topps released a second series of Topps Heritage cards. The 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers cards were released in November of 2008 and the set features 220 additional cards that are numbered from 501-720. There are also new autograph cards, rookie cards, insert cards, cut signature cards, chrome cards and more. Each hobby box of 24 packs is guaranteed to contain at least one autographed or relic card and most seem to contain two. Overall, most collectors have enjoyed the High Numbers set so I am sure we will see another High Numbers set in late 2009.

Topps Heritage Varieties

Topps Heritage baseball is the most popular Heritage set by far, but Topps also produces great Heritage football and WWE wrestling sets as well. There were also Topps Heritage basketball and hockey sets produced in the early to mid 2000's, but Topps has since discontinued those lines. Topps also briefly produced a Star Wars Heritage set that was based on the old Topps Star Wars cards. No matter what kind of cards you collect, you are sure to find a Topps Heritage set that matches your interest and brings back memories of saving up nickels and dimes to buy packs of cards at the local convenience store!

Topps Heritage Subsets

New Age Performers: This subset has been a staple of Topps Heritage sets and has been included in every baseball set since the original 2001 set. New Age Performers are also available in Topps Heritage football sets. The New Age Performers sets are the toughest insert sets to complete out of the subsets that are considered part of a master set. Each New Age Performers set consists of 15 star cards.

Rookie Performers: The 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers set introduced a new insert set called Rookie Performers. It is very similar to the New Age Performers set in the fact that it contains 15 cards of star players, but as the name indicates these players are all rookies.

Then & Now: The Topps Heritage Then & Now subsets have also been in every Topps Heritage baseball set since 2001. Some years they have been difficult to complete, and other years they have been fairly common and easy to finish. Then & Now cards each feature two players--a current star player and a star player from the year that the Topps Heritage set is based on. Each Then & Now set is made up of 10 cards.

Flashbacks: The Flashbacks subset was introduced in 2003 and has appeared in each set since. Great moments from the year that the respective Topps Heritage set is based on are presented on the Flashback cards. The 2008 Topps Heritage set brought a second Flashbacks subset called News Flashbacks which feature important non-baseball historical events from 1959. The News Flashback set will be continued in the 2009 set with historical events from 1960.

Flashbacks Relic Cards: Each year there are Flashbacks relics cards that have a piece of an authentic stadium seat in the card. Flashback Relic Cards have featured greats such as Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Whitey Ford and many more.

2008 Topps Heritage Derek Jeter chrome cardChrome Cards and Refractors: Chrome and refractor cards are Topps Heritage cards that are printed on shiny metallic type cards. There are usually about 100-110 cards in the chrome/refractor sets, and each cards is serial numbered. There are generally about 1900 of each chrome card printed, about 500 of each refractor printed and about 50 of each black border refractor card printed. The 2008 chrome set has been greatly expanding, including 300 total cards. But only the first 100 came in the regular Topps Heritage packs. The second hundred came in regular Topps packs and the last 100 will be in the Topps Heritage high numbers packs.

Clubhouse Collection: The Clubhouse Collection cards represent the game-used cards found in the Heritage sets. There are game-used jersey, pants and bat cards. Not all Clubhouse Collection cards are produced equally either. There are usually five or more groups that the Clubhouse cards fall into. Each group has a separate print run, with some of them being extremely rare. For example, in the 2008 High Numbers series, Clubhouse Collection cards in group C were inserted at a rate of 1 per 55 packs, while those in group A were a little tougher to pull--1 per 3,600 packs!

Box Toppers: Several years of Topps Heritage have included hobby exclusive box topper inserts. In 2008 and 2009, the box topper inserts consist of 3-card advertising panels which are inserted one per hobby box, and Topps original buyback cards (1959 cards in the 2008 set and 1960 cards in the 2009 set) with a new Topps emblem embossed on them. The buyback cards are found at a rate of one card per two hobby boxes.