The First 2009 Topps Heritage Variation is Found

Much like the 2008 Heritage John/Jon Smoltz variation card, another misspelled card with a tie to 1960 Topps has popped up in the 2009 set. In the 1960 Topps set that 2009 Heritage is based on, the #70 card featured Lew Berdette, but Topps misspelled his name as “Lou” on the card. The #70 card in this years Heritage set is of Tom Glavine. Most cards are spelled correctly, but one “Thom Glavine” variation has been found. Here is the one Glavine variation card that has been found so far:

2009 Topps Heritage Thom/Tom Glavine Variation

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2 Responses to The First 2009 Topps Heritage Variation is Found

  1. Bruno says:

    These cards are awesome, you get 3 Mega Hits per box (one pack per box)I reveiced 1 auto #D to 25, 1 auto jersey #D to 99 and 1 patch #D to 499 all of them rookies. The card stock and quality are the best I have ever seen out of Topps.

    • Valentiina says:

      bowman chrome and hegrtaie typically have rookies that are valued higher than its counterparts. of course, the bowman chrome AUTO colored border cards usually are a rookies best card for any given year.

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