2008 Topps Heritage Smoltz and Santana Variations

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2008 Topps Heritage features a couple of very rare base card variations. Johan Santana (Card #201) and John Smoltz (Card #440) each have two variations. The regular Johan Santana card features him in his old Twins uniform.  There is also a Johan Santana variation card featuring him in his new Mets uniform. The Mets Santana variation is much tougher to find than the Twins version. Out of three cases (864 packs) I have only come across one Mets Santana card. The John Smoltz variation is even tougher to find. I still have not pulled one from a pack!  The Smoltz variation card has his name misspelled (Jon instead of John) and shows him as a lefty.  This is a tribute to card #440 from the original 1959 Topps set, which featured Lew Burdette. Topps misspelled Burdette's first name (Lou instead of Lew) and as a prank, Lew had grabbed Warren Spahn's left handed glove and posed as a lefty when Topps snapped his photo. It's really cool that Topps paid tribute to the original card like that.

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2008 Topps Heritage Jon Smoltz and 2008 Topps Heritage Johan Santana